Home Collection For Ladies Vannas Scissors (Microscissors) straight, Tux Tuxette Penguin Design by Tocan

Vannas Scissors (Microscissors) straight, Tux Tuxette Penguin Design by Tocan


  • 6 mm blades straight sharp/sharp pointed tips.
  • 8 mm 8 mm from mid-screw to tip.
  • Serrated Handle with hand polished finish (25% for better stability)
  • Overall length: 84 mm or 3.3 Inches.
  • Japanese Stainless Steel conformity like Medical Devices CE.
  • Can be sterilized
  • Disinfectable

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Our Micro scissors are suitable for all fine preparations. They have been proven in laboratory applications and in veterinary medicine. Further applications are in the field of cosmetics, and in the beauty area (trimming of eyebrows, removing body hairs)
Our Micro scissors are delicate devices that can be run extremely sensitive thanks to the spring steel construction.

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