Jabber XMPP Secure Chat

We run your own chat server, which can be easily insert the following code into your homepage. This will have no annoying ads on your website.

<p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src="http://tocan.de/chat/" width="800" height="400">


The advantage is, however,, that can be used to chat on your website not only anonymous. You can check with clients
Clients are available for smartphones and PCs. To get on the road with, if your friends or website visitors
want to chat with you.
there are for Android or iPhone, for example, the program Xabber

The server is: tocan.de
We use the Standard Port: 5222

On the desktop PC, you can use, for example, or Jitsi Spark.
A summary list of clients can be found here.

You have trouble register? Send us an email.

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