Mult Iwan explained simply + Video in German Many have no idea what you can do with Mult Ivan.

Updated: 22/07/2016

Background research for Unitymedia

Updated: 22/07/2016

*22/07/16* Background research for Unitymedia

Background research for Unitymedia

This article I 2014 Posted at and it should be updated shortly. The latest Stand how networks themselves, the triggering of theand come to Deutschland holt. Big advantage is under others, when in Deutschland the provider has problems (Internet and telephony) one has a fail-safe power. will be described in the anhand a Romanian UPC Account (500mbit Download 25mbit Upload. The Unity Media hotspots operate in Deutschland also with the Romanian data and you can Unitymedia throughout Europe use so even on vacation at the hotel.

Many have no idea what you can do with Mult Ivan. There is a prejudice we need to 2 Internet connections. For a first basic understanding of course it is not bad, if you look Mult Ivan anhand two compounds explains. But even within a private local network can be personalized with OpenWRT for example to implement a lot of things.
Thus, in the Premium Account of Hide a lot of extra things feasible since 5 Various devices are available. The router then acts just as if they were 5 different dial points.

Everything is a bit complicated?

Not if you have good ideas and makes a plan previously.

Attached to the entrance an example video


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It is known that there Unitymedia yes to DOCSIS 3.0 StAndard. The background is as follows, that the parent company Liberty Global International operates within Europe and of course not Offn its network voluntarily because of a German law changeanderreißt. The text of the law must therefore be scope for its own network and the specifications. This need not be seen as a disadvantage for the customer. about 600 Million quarterly sales for Deutschland are there already put his foot. Fündig you will if you phone protocol and the specifications look at. Here not usual SIP telephony are implemented but the signal is transferred via PacketCable in the resources and looking there are many dead links, Technical Support (First Level) white often happened again not even of their existence, claiming easy as today, that these documents should be the customer not joined available. Since I have the pure customer support simply once again praise, who is trained here better or knowledge has although it should be core competencies of technical support. Anyone planning to come with its own router through the area btw. really break away from the router coercion should Offn even with the package Cable Protocolthe other set. Telephony and Asterisk Server…

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