XiVO Trunks Tutorial: installing a FreeVoipDeal (Betamax) SIP Trunk

FreeVoioDeal is one of many companies Betamax the international free calls in almost 80 allow countries. For a minimal fee of 10.- Euro ($11.27) you get 300 Minutes free calling to landlines of 44 countries. it exceeds even the 300 minutes, then phoning at low prices often less than 1/3 cost compared to other providers. After years Langen tests we have to say, that flat rates do not pay if you use FreeVoipDeal.

The snag

FreeVoipdeal provides pure SIP OUTBOUND calls on. You do not get DID but must be called by a use another provider. However, the further ends of an existing phone number is available on request, which acts as a callback number.

Setting up the provider FreeVoipDeal and retrieve the SIP credentials

  1. register for an account on the FreeVoipDeal portal.
  2. The only ones credentials, which are needed to the SIP trunk in XiVO set are Your username, the password and the CallerID number, Questions?, so you can be called back. However, if you call preferably anonymous (Women use this feature like self-protection) you can adjust this on the website FreeVoipdeal. Es ist auch möglich mehrere Rückrufnummern dort zuregistrieren um zum Bespiel den Rückruf direckt an einen IVR weiter zu leiten. Mit einem Voice control system (engl. Voice Portal), also IVR-System (Interactive Voice Response), Callers are able to over the phone or other acoustic media part- lead or fully automated natural language dialogues.

Setting up a FreeVoipDeal SIP-Trunk on XiVO

As already mentioned, You can only make outgoing calls with FreeVoipDeal, so there is no need, register your SIP trunk.

In the GUI XiVO, create a new FreeVoIP SIP-Trunk by choosing IPBX:Trunk Management:SIP Protocol. click on + Add to open a new template.

In General tab, Priority to FreeVoipDeal username (username) and password. The gateway address you used sip.freevoipdeal.com.


Skip the Register tab, since an application for outgoing calls (outbound calls) it is not necessary.

In Signaling tab the following information, DTMF=RFC2833 and Monitoring=Yes. Customize Codec after G.711 u-law.

In the Advanced tab, Insecure=All and Port=5060.

Save your settings with Save, when you are ready.

XiVO is no outgoing calls via the trunk FreeVoipDeal process until a route for ausgende calls over FreeVoipDeal in IPBX:Call Management:Outgoing Calls have set. The routing for outgoing calls will be in a separate tutorial behandelt.

This article is based on the tutorial by Ward Mundy:

XiVO Trunks Tutorial: Installing a FreeVoIPDeal (Betamax) SIP Trunk

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