XiVO Call Routing Tutorial: Setting Outbound Call Routes with XiVO

Sample Google Voice Outgoing Call Template unter Verwendung des Simonics SIP Gateway

For typical U.S.. traditional 10 Numbers we use our calls Google Voice Trunk, since these calls within U.S.. and Canada will be charged. Both for fixed as well Mobilgespräche.Ein such action also protects against some NAPA calls, lead to extremely high fees, because Google has blocked this. Just as Western Europeans it is not easy to distinguish such numbers. In the US, there are no special mobile numbers as in Deutschland so one can not distinguish also arise whether or not costs. Further information can be found in the following Wikipedia Article.

It should be noted, that the Simonics Gateway and Google Voice a 11 expect digit number (common practice for long distance calls within the US) That's why we add the 1 added as a prefix for the outgoing call.


This article is based on a post by Ward Mundy:

XiVO Call Routing Tutorial: Setting Up Outbound Call Routes with XiVO

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