XiVO Call Routing Tutorial: Incoming Call Routes up with XiVO

Once were enabled on the server XiVO SIP Trunks, can those phone numbers (DID’s), the your provider makes available are directed to your server. To illustrate again: The trunk routes the associated telephone numbers (DID) to your server and therefore calls come, which your phone number (DID) Select your server on. In the next step we need to teach your XiVO like these incoming calls are processed within the system. If a phone ringing, an answering sound or even the light on or off? If we do not set up this step, hears a busy signal, the caller.

Normally incoming calls (Incoming Calls) about the DID Nummer identified with the registered number of Trunk associated. Before we can create internal redirects for this DID'S, we have an area for the numbers in the from-external (Incalls) context authorize. It can be found in IPBX:IPBX Configuration:Contexts. Under the Incoming Calls tab should already some entries prevanother sein, which must be supplemented. In particular, who DID's registered outside the US and Canada has has to add more areas, because different phones systems in most countries outside the US exist.

xivo-internal route1in Deutschland are Telekom, Vodaphone, Unitymedia (So the Internet access provider) usually the DID Trunk Provider. For each DID of each registered trunk provider has an internal redirect (Incoming Call Route) be added to the statement XiVO give where the DID is to be conducted. For example, a telephone (Extension), an answering machine, a conference…

To begin to Choose IPBX:Call Management:Incoming Calls and clicks + Add. For each DID, you specifiziert ultimately Cell phone, which is associated with that DID, accepted the “default Context” for Antufe and selects the target gewüschte (Destination) for calls – in our example the User Nerd Uno.

xivo-internal route2Incoming Call Routing can be fairly easy, when it comes to the routing of a call directly to a user (User) or quite complex when the calls to a Custom Context go, specifically for an IVR (as shown below) was developed.

xivo-internal route3A list of options can be displayed when the Destination click field:

xivo-internal route4The SAVE Button Press when finished the settings is. The best way to after a test call to the DID to verify, that the call is routed correctly.

This article is based on a post by Ward Mundy:

XiVO Call Routing Tutorial: Setting Up Incoming Call Routes with XiVO