Xivo Trunks Tutorial: Install a Google Voice account with the Simonics Gateway Google Voice - The ideal solution if you live or many calls to the US in the US leads

Google Voice

There are Google US Only a special offer, you can not ignore. You get a free phone number and additional free calls within the US and Canada. Typically, such deals involve so only the landline. Bei Google Voice ist das anders. Here you can make calls to all networks. So also in mobile networks. This offer was initiated at the time to Support the web applications from Google. The problem here is, that Google Voice beherscht no SIP protocol. With an interposed Gateway however, it is also possible to use Google Voice with Asterisk.

Resourceful hardware manufacturers have installed in the US links to such gateways for sale by your hardware for several hundred dollars. There are few software-based solutions for Asterisk. We use in this specification, the gateway of Simon Telephonics, since we recirculation here one time fee of only $5.99 an inexpensive “Livetime” get a permanent solution.

Registering a Google Voice account and set up

life for Users outside the US is normally blocked Google Voice. In two articles, we described how to override this restriction. We need firstly a VPN in the USA, pretend to Google, that we are from the US:
This article describes how the GEO blockade of Google can be bypassed via VPN.In another article, the register a Google Voice phone number is described

Here again briefly the procedure. Who is outside the United States must give before a VPN an American identity.

  1. We get first a new Google Account and Google Voice, we will use exclusively for the Simon SIP Gateway.
  2. We go (joined by Europe through a VPN) on the Google Voice page and register us.
  3. Importantly, that we have an American landline number or mobile number, since Google verifies the identity of a call or SMS. This number we get we for example Localphone (Affilate) for a nominal registration and monthly fee. These Local Phone US American “Incoming Number” (Affilate) costs only a small registration and Moatsgebühr. They also required in principle only once to sign up for Google Voice and can also terminate dannach again. If you are there to become a client, You may also like tocan.daniela@gmail.com when registering my email address to specify as tipster (Lieben Thanks in advance).




Once Google code via phone or SMS (your American number!!!) has informed you give this one on the Google Voice page and verify this. In the “Welcome Email” Sending a greeting, we with “Continue on Google Voice” to lock.

googlevoice2Keep an existing US phone number for the registration of Google Voice telephone number for. This may be the same with you verified your Google Account in the first step.

googlevoice3Once the phone number is verified to Choose a Google VOIP number nachIhrer choice. This can be a city or a password within the number.

googlevoice4On the Google Voice Desktop is now entering the “Settings” Make sure that you the Box Forward Calls to Google chat have selected.
In Calls tab to choose Call Screening:OFF, CallerID (Incoming):Display Caller’s Number, and Global Spam Filtering:checked. The anderen Einträge kann man leer lassen.

Your account on the Simonics “SIP Gateway to Google Voice” set up

  1. Visit the Simonics Googe gateway page and register.
  2. After payment of the $5.99 Registration fee with Paypal you through the setup process to connect your Google Voice account and the 11 manufacture digit Google Voice phone number and the Simonics Gateway.
  3. The chart shows what information must be one make The Gateway gvgw.simonics.com be able to integrate in the XiVO PBX.
  4. If your SIP data being compromised once man can regenerate a new SIP password.

Setting up a SIP Gateway Trunk Simonics in XiVO

On the surface XiVO (GUI), A new Simonics Gateway SIP Trunk By selecting from IPBX:Trunk Management:SIP Protocol added. Clicking + Add opens a new template.

In General tab, If you fill the empty fields by credentials including Simonics gateway address to which you want to set your SIP trunk the Simonics: gvgw.simonics.com.


In the register tab, the information to be entered again. Let the empty fields exactly as shown here,! Make sure that the Register box is selected.

googlevoice-Xivo1In the Signaling tab, Change the option Monitoring to Yes and then save with Save. Monitoring is the equivalent of XiVO SIP Qualify option, at the remote site is regularly sent a signal. Replies subscriber does not it does not reach as.

googlevoice-Xivo2Check IPBX:General Settings:SIP Protocol Defaults, To ensure, that this Match Users with Username Field is selected!

googlevoice-Xivo3Since Google Voice 11-character numbers (with leading 1) instead of 10 used (as in the American phone system common) Is the following adjustment in IPBX Configuration:Contexts necessary. Adjust the from-external (Incalls) context an. Click the Incoming Calls tab after the + icon. Add an extra add on additional range of DID numbers for ” incoming calls” shown below added. Then with Save Save and the new “range of DID numbers” is aviable.


XiVO is no Incoming and outgoing calls through the SIP Gateway Trunk Simonics not forward to an outbound (outgoing route) in IPBX:Call Management:Outgoing Calls and an in-depth (incoming route) is defined. Used to do this IPBX:Call Management:Outgoing Calls. Herausgehende und hereinkommende Anrufe und das Routing werden in anderen Tutorials beschrieben separate tutorials.

UPDATE: Those pioneers who once test and the $5.99 want to save and want to test Google Voice with unencrypted passwords: The Setup is documented in XiVO Forum. In the long run, Google will no longer offer for security unencrypted passwords.

This article is based on a tutorial by Ward Mundy:

XiVO Trunks Tutorial: Installing a Google Voice Trunk with Simonics SIP Gateway

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