XiVO tutorial platform – Installing a VPN XiVO PBX at CloudAtCost A cloud without recurring fees.

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A typical ISO as the installation medium can be in use Cloudatcost not unfortunately. So we start our installation with a Debian 64.bit 8 .We need the S therebuild andbox manuaell. You need to at least XiVO 1 GB Ram. In the Debian installation routine is unfortunately a bug was installed by Cloudatcost, is not resolved. Therefore, the maximum disk size Debian is there 10 GB.

phone-cloud credits: Sarah Joy

Once the virtual machine is ready should you log in immediately and unconditionally immediately root Password SSH / PUTTY change by the command passwd enter.

The following commands are needed to prepare:

apt-get -y remove apache2*
apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade
sed -i '/exit 0/d' /etc/rc.local
killall plymouthd
echo killall plymouthd >> /etc/rc.local
rm -f /etc/rc3.d/S97*
echo "exit 0" >> /etc/rc.local


The following ComeAndo's complete the installation and configuration from. One should know, the XiVO since 10 Years is developed. Almost all 2 Weeks appears a new version in the improvements incorporated are. It may therefore be, that the codes, we have prepared here do not work and they should leave a comment, once it jammed, so that we can customize the scripts where appropriate. The password below shall be replaced by your own password. Please pay attention to the urgent quotes! With this password you can log in to the web interface. Important is that you should use for security reasons a firewall, the XiVO not bring. Here it is difficult, as in many countries the IP number changes and if you do not You Offn with Travelinhas set other one has ruled out fairly quickly from its own system.

For experimentation can Travelin Man and the IP-Tables Firewall omitting. Should the system be hacked, created, if one takes only provider, accept Paypal and you only maximum 10 Euro permits, no greater damage. The best insurance, the there. This is finally an end to the risk, that one enters when using a Fritzbox. Is this even hacked in a few hours some 1000 Euro Telephone charges due and a detection almost impossible, that the is guilty in the Fritz box.

cd /root
# base XiVO install
wget http://mirror.xivo.io/fai/xivo-migration/xivo_install_current.sh
bash xivo_install_current.sh
# Travelin' Man 3 IPtables WhiteList Firewall
echo "*/10 5-22 * * * root /root/ipchecker > /dev/null 2>&1" >> /etc/crontab
wget http://incrediblepbx.com/firewall-xivo.tar.gz
tar zxvf firewall-xivo.tar.gz
rm -f firewall-xivo.tar.gz


Once the configuration is complete log of the IP of your server in the browser. Ignore them the https security alerts. The user is root and the password is the one, they have entered in the script. The hostname entry must not contain special characters and no domain name


On the next template, enter your details, as shown below. In the next graph of Incalls is particularly important context. Here, the numbers range is entered, take your phone or internet provider makes available to you (DID). The Google VOIP Telephone Numbers, hold leading 1 and the length is thus 11 numbers (001 is the American code). Other American providers use the 1 and not so to get to a length of 10 numbers. First of all there is a range for the basic configuration of a, you can add and modify later.

How was a GOOGLE VOIP number registered in described the following contribution.
It is important a to use VPN, one should perform the registration from outside the US.

graph 4 (in some American providers falls the leading 1 away and thus arise for the DID length 10 digits

In the last step just yet Validate click:


This post is based on a tutorial by Ward Mundy

XiVO Platform Tutorial: Installing XiVO VM at CloudAtCost