Pioneers: Condition and ways to make free phone calls. Google Voice: The American Telephone Swiss knife.

Many of my friends ask me how I came to the American landline number. Authorities react irritated, when I'm asked for my phone number. Particularly irritated they are when I tell you, that my phone number changed regularly, I from a pool of 300 Numbers can select. Website owners must now make appropriate contact options are available even under German law. 😆

What I'm saying?

There are as many reasons to set phone numbers as diverse email addresses…
in Deutschland and in Europe which is quite expensive. Since many consider the Hand on. If not already at the register so but no later than when telephoning. Accordingly, it has launched a Google Voice on the market always squinting enviously in the USA. Universal number and free calls to both landlines as well as to the mobile network. The trouble is it: Initially invitation only and free of charge only within the US.

We have in our Article VPNGate Client laid the foundation to overcome these barriers.

The difference can be seen if we (One must first have a Google Account) Many have indeed for Android a Google Account. but I recommend not to use this, but a complicated address as This protects us later against unwanted spam and uninvited telephone calls. “Bad Boys” are everywhere hang around the Internet. So we register for each telephone number a Google Account. It's fast and if you every day 10 address registered, then you have in a month 300 phone numbers. So you can already do something. To friends and family to pass as, or authorities ärgen by every day the phone number changed.

We discover not much. Especially no phone number.

Here we offer Google Voice only an Android app to, however we did not need.
Here we offer Google Voice only an Android app to, however we did not need.

Under the VPNGate client is all different.

google voice 2
Here you suddenly see if we are connected to the client VPNGate the link with the one the American Google can get voice telephone number,.

Suddenly appear when we logged ourselves with the United States as a dialing location link under which we can pick and choose a phone number. Importantly, that we choose a new phone number. Unfortunately, Google has now installed a small security module. So we still need the following:

We need a new number. If we use the existing is not an American number it does not work.
We need a new number. If we use the existing is not an American number it does not work.
  1. A friend from the United States provides us for registering its existing American telephone number or
  2. An American telephone number, which we briefly from a DID provider such as Localphone (sharp links) to get.
  3. Who the temporary telephone number concerned about Local Phone can me happy specify with as referrer. I then received a small credit of about 1 Euro, which allows more tips to try. Please do not forget my email specify when registering. (Thank you)
  • to come Localphone the easy way quickly to a US telephone number.

Local Phone has the following advantage. Within a few minutes you have his phone number, the works immediately. They can be found under Incomming Numbers. there are a small setup fee for the USA 2,75 € required and a monthly fee of 0,75 € The Google numbers are reserved quickly and is no longer needed after the Local Phone Number. You can adjust your numbers immediately so, that calls are forwarded directly to your Mobile. The huge advantage is you can take to a phone number to eggs SIP URI forwarden or to an Internet point, and then everything is free. The German providers do nothing but only implement. You arise in the SIP telephony almost no cost. Similarly, we will also make it, We act as a kind of private providers. I so enjoy working, therefore, with Vocalphone, as they provide an excellent and quick email support and also call again to make borderline of feasibility possible. insbesondere lyou andet not in a call center, the no power has but really with a specialist, possesses the technical expertise and. (Small Seitenwink the catastrophic German Service Provider) Here I would like to praise 👿 1 & 1 mention. Link does not exist for the Service.

Important that we is Google Voice is a telephone number to obtain the Local Phone Number USA on our Mobile Forward.

localphone forwarding numbers
Call forwarding made easy with Local Phone

With Google Number you get the entire Bandbreite Google Voice Services: a phone number from Google, Google Voicemail, Call Forwarding, call recording, SMS, international calls, Transcriptions of voice messages, individualized voicebox greetings, Caller lock and conference calls.

We need all this later hardly because we will implement it in our own telephone server, so it also of Germanyand from work.

The telephone server you can antesten like once, since we set up a demo. To honor the day (my husband's birthday today) we have the demo with a German phone number (The number is also a clone, as we in Bochum and not in Munich live -Works but still perfect) placed. Entertain yourself nevertheless simply times with Lenny. The takes day and night time.

Call me to test: 00498938038825 or 08938038825 from Germany

Looking for a new Google number.

A search box appears and you can by area code or zip code for a new number search. When you have a selected, then click on the “Continue”-Button.

  • You can choose a number from your area or, the local Friends, Family or business is, so that your calls are local calls for those contacts.
  • Alternatively, you can also enter a word or phrase, you will want to have included in the number. If your name for example “Bill” is, then you can go to Google numbers “Bill” looking at the number.

Verify your phone. At this point you should have a numerical code and a button “Call now” see. Click on this button, to complete the process.

  • Once you click this button, is your forwarding phone call. Enter the code number in your phone, so Google can verify Voice, that the number, you have specified for forwarding purposes, correct is.

The forwarding we no longer need it later, since we set up all our telephone system, make it work smoothly and free. More about this in a following…