Home Network Horror Stories: Or how to hack your provider router yourself

USB-Stick, Flash-Drive

Home Network Horror Stories: Or how to hack your provider router yourself

  1. I write and even relatively poor guidance. A thorn in the first place a popular router a company supports forced router with providers. In the video is described in a fun way what options an attacker on your system. Yet I have deliberately chosen a presentation whereby the manufacturer with the 3 Letter is only mentioned briefly.

    The question is asked in the last few days in private messages from time to time whether and how best to set up his forced Router.
    My clear statement: Stay away and the provider daily discomfort showing the teeth and making his system tight. use alternative firmware. Renounce port Unlocks. Stay away from Dyndns and rather set up a clean system with Fixed IPv6.
    This post and the instructions are aimed at schools VPN generally use it is primarily aimed at companies. But of course also to private individuals. The first question when asked here is whether one can often Hide.me confidence is that not mitgeloggt.
    The first question should be: Go I sure the Internet What is worth my privacy. I do not mean the cost of VPN Provider. But what can you do at home.
    A completely open WLAN can be much safer as a closed password secure WLAN. The question is…

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    What I allow and what I'm willing to allow.
    Have fun in the next 45 Minutes and tests your system time with the tools. No matter what a manufacturer or router…