Virtual-Private-Server (VPS) including VPN and equipment support for 0,007 € / Hour. Now in the shop

BlbU7swCUAEGLdZ.jpg largeYou have never set up a Linux server?
No Time?

We offer you the alternative

With the V-Server offers a foreign IP and retrieve for example legally blocked in Germany Content.

Our introductory offer

for only 40.- €

Effectively they pay only 5.- Euro to us.

Other features it comes… here!

You pay a low price for the device support

If you are not a customer of Digital Ocean


We set up the server

We train about 1 Hour online using TeamViewer.

It's much easier than you think a.

From 12 Years possible with parental consent.

Other features it comes… here!

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Daniela Tocan
Hi, I'm Daniela, Proprietor of Tocan Medical, surgical instruments for misappropriation. The website to emphasize the idea of ​​service to the company. Service and support are the mainstays of the company.